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A bog gardenIW Permaculture
Monthly Meeting

Saturday 12th July
10:30 -12:30ish
Do come along – its free and friendly.
We will be at Wendy’s allotment in Shanklin, we will helping her create a bog garden. If wet she said something about a cider press at her house.
You can come along offer encouragement and chat, the work is not compulsory!
If you need directions please contact:

Wendy: 07980601940
Email: ventnorpermaculture(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk
Phone: 01983 854968

Photo: Frances Bell

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Ken\'s Land - how it wasKen\'s land in St LawrenceWe held our June meeting at Ken’s land in St Lawrence. He’s really been getting on with it, and has a range of vegetables coming along nicely. You can see how much work he has done when you compare the two pictures.

Ken has worked hard to put in rabbit proof fencing, which gave the moles a good laugh.

As usual with Ken some of the veg we know and others are a bit more exotic. The wall helps to create a warm microclimate which will be ideal for apricots and other soft fruit and perhaps melons. Ken has sourced some local manure to improve the fertility of his plot.


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Ken\'s rented land in St LawrenceVentnor Permaculture Monthly Meeting – Sunday 22nd June
10:30 – 12:30
We will be at Ken’s new plot of land that he is renting in St. Lawrence.
We meet once a month at one of our gardens and do a bit of work for each other, then the kettle goes on and we sit and have a chat about gardening/permaculture, swop seeds, plants etc Ken has planted lots of veggies but there is still loads to do.
Everyone welcome, it is free, no membership required, you don’t have to be a Ventnor resident to come along. Bring a spade or fork if you want to help or just yourself – work is not compulsory. I will be taking a few spare plants along to give away. For more details/directions contact:
Email: ventnorpermaculture(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk
Phone: 01983 854968 Mobile: 07766077336


For other events, open gardens, car boots sales and details of a new plant nursery: (more…)

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St Lawrence Gallop Round the Gardens - EchiumLast Sunday the 15th June St Lawrence Community Association organised ‘Gallop Round The Gardens’, nine St Lawrence gardens normally hidden from public view were open for the day.

I have never visited private gardens before and with loads of things that needed doing in my own garden I was not sure about going or not. Thinking that it might be a chance that would not occur again my daughter and I decided to go at about 12:30 see a couple of gardens then come back and do some work here. When we returned home at just after 5pm we were too shattered to do much at all!

We saw our two gardens, went back to the Village hall had some excellent cake and a cup of tea while we planned which we were going to see next.


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BicycleCharity Bicycle Auction – Saturday 14th June
The Roundabout Church, Newport
Viewing starts at 11.00 am
The auction starts at noon

Come and have a great day out at our charity bicycle auction! We have 50+ good second hand bikes for sale and even a brand new one donated especially to raise money for the families in rural India – all up for grabs! Don’t forget it’s the ‘Island Cycle Week’the following week! So come and bid for a bargain bike and have some fun! Teas, Coffees + soup will be served. Tel – Tony or Sue on 01983 882398 for any further details. Photo – Andrew Dressel


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