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The course and discussion group on growing your own
fruit and veg continues this Thursday 9th Feb

Ventnor Community Cafe, 3 Albert St, Ventnor, PO38 1DS
Thursdays from 7pm to 8.30 pm.

ChivesThe class/discussion group this week from Ventnor Permaculture will be on how to grow herbs, feeding plants and soil nutrients.

There will also be time for discussion or questions about your own growing challenges. We look forward to seeing you.

Future classes will be fortnightly.

Here are couple of planning/calendar links following the session last week: (more…)


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Lacy LeavesHere are a few things to keep you busy this month (sorry it is a bit late), if you can get outside.

Keep checking for cabbage white butterfly eggs on your cabbage family plants as it is far easier to squish the eggs than find caterpillars and they cause so much damage as you can see!

I am off to buy some netting today which will stop the butterflies laying the eggs in the first place. Make sure there are no leaves touching the netting or they will still be able to get them.

Try and water tomatoes every day especially those in pots and grow bags.

Also try to give them an even amount of water as sudden large amounts of water can cause the skins to split. Continue feeding with a tomato or high potash feed and remove any yellow leaves.


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