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A new course and discussion group on growing your own
fruit and veg has started at

Ventnor Community Cafe, 3 Albert St, Ventnor, PO38 1DS
Thursdays from 7pm to 8.30 pm.

This is a great opportunity to share and discover new ideas and tips for the coming season.

Healthy CropsIn the current economic climate many more people are thinking about growing their own fruit and veg as it is so much cheaper and healthier but could do with a bit of help and advice.

How do you get from a load of weeds or bare soil or an empty pot to delicious, healthy crops.

Where do you start?

What to do in the garden now?
Where to seeds and when to sow them?
How do you make good compost?
What sort of fertilizer to use and when?
How to deal with garden pests?
What can you grow in pots?
How do you prune things?



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SeedsThis is the time of year most people get their seed catalogues and decide what they are going to order for next year. Rather than ordering a paper catalogue I urge you to save paper and check out the online seed merchants. Not only can you source hard to find seeds and those that are particularly good for organic growing but the online sites often have more detailed growing information than the paper catalogues.

It might be worthwhile getting together with a few friends and ordering together to save on postage. The smaller companies postage rates are often much better than the larger companies.

Listed below are a selection of large and small seed merchants. If you want to buy organic seeds and avoid postage costs completely, Godshill Organics stock Suffolk Herbs Organic seeds which start from about £1.15 per packet. They often sell organic herb plants and sell excellent organic compost in the spring.


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