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Bag Workshop
From the 22nd May

Fabric & Paper
Bag Making

Every Friday
2pm – 4pm
Ventnor Community Cafe

3 Albert St, Ventnor,
Isle Of Wight PO38 1DS

Come along and make yourself a Morsbag – a shopping bag made out of recycled fabric (like the ones in the photo above) to help rid Ventnor of plastic carrier bags. Sheila will show you how to make them, you only have to sew straight lines on the sewing machine – they are very easy to make. (more…)


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A Ventnor MorsbagSaturday 29th November Ventnor will be part of a worldwide handout of Morsbags.

The Ventnor handout has been organised by Sheila, she has been working very hard for weeks sewing over 200 Morsbags to give away to Ventnor shoppers,  with some help from a couple of other machinists.  Morsbags are shopping bags made out of donated recycled fabric to help stop the use of plastic carrier bags.

These bags are free!

To find out where to get one . . . (more…)

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Bio-Bricks made on the Isle of WightBio-Bricks made of waste straw
now being made and tested on
the Isle of Wight

When I was at the Future Energy Exhibition in Newport on Friday these baskets of straw bricks on the IW Clearview Stoves stand caught my eye. They are being made on the Island and several people are testing them at the moment.

There are many advantages to this new fuel:

•Renewable – Normal crop cycle.
•Sustainable – Make hay while the sun shines!
•No mileage – Nothing to be transported to the Island.
•Disposable ash – Unlike coal, dig it in your garden.
•Competitive price – Should be on par-if not better than Coal.
•No Cutting/splitting – No need for extra processing.
• Easy delivery – Will be packed in convenient loads.


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Selection of MorsbagsTo encourage more people to ditch the dreaded plastic carrier bags and use a lovely free bag made from recycled fabric, Morsbags are holding a worldwide morsbags handout on the 29th November.

Ventnor Bags our local ‘pod’ is of course taking part, which is top of the morsbags pod chart, having made and given out 1667 free fabric bags in Ventnor, mainly due to Sheila’s efforts.

We desperately need more fabric offcuts, old curtains, sheets, pillowcases etc to make lots of these bags to give away free to shoppers on the 29th November. If you have any spare fabric could you drop it of at The Ventnorian, Spring Hill Road, Ventnor or or email: ventbag@btinternet.com to arrange to have it collected.

If you can sew a straight line – you to can make a morsbag, full instructions can be found on the Morsbags website.

I will post nearer the date the various shops that are taking part.

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Brita water filter recyclingIf you use Brita water filter cartridges you can now recycle them. As yet it does not tell you this when you buy the cartridges alone, the information is only on the information leaflet when you buy a whole system.

Brita does not use any extra transportation to recycle the filters, the same network that delivers new products collects the old ones for recycling.

The plastic body of the filter is cleaned and ground up, the resulting granules are supplied to the plastics industry for reuse.

The carbon and ion exchangers are separated, the carbon is returned to the manufacturer and used for things like waste water treatment.

Photo: Marco Frattola


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My latest compostWe all know that compost is the key to a productive garden, it is far cheaper to make your own and you know what has gone into it. If you have a big garden the best way always seems to be to have several of those big wooden crate type things, I once had a garden that was big enough for a couple of them and I made my most successful compost in them. In my current garden I have three of those big plastic composters and am still in the process of tying to get it right.

I have been doing a bit of research and found that some people have been saying that their compost works much better when they started adding the contents of their Bokashi bins to their heaps.


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Somerfield Ventnor IWSomerfield are at last trying to reduce the amount of thin free plastic bags that they are giving away. Instead of being put at the end of the till for people to help themselves they are by the cashier and you have to ask for bags.

This is a directive from Head Office to all stores, probably to try and get people to use their own bags before the tax on plastic bags comes in next year, so they don’t have to bump up the food prices even more to cover the cost of your ‘free plastic bags’.

It is supposed to be implemented in all Somerfield stores but as of Monday 11th August the message had not got through to the Shanklin branch who still had bags for the taking at the end of every checkout.

To find out what the fabric bit is about (more…)

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