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A new course and discussion group on growing your own
fruit and veg has started at

Ventnor Community Cafe, 3 Albert St, Ventnor, PO38 1DS
Thursdays from 7pm to 8.30 pm.

This is a great opportunity to share and discover new ideas and tips for the coming season.

Healthy CropsIn the current economic climate many more people are thinking about growing their own fruit and veg as it is so much cheaper and healthier but could do with a bit of help and advice.

How do you get from a load of weeds or bare soil or an empty pot to delicious, healthy crops.

Where do you start?

What to do in the garden now?
Where to seeds and when to sow them?
How do you make good compost?
What sort of fertilizer to use and when?
How to deal with garden pests?
What can you grow in pots?
How do you prune things?



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Laundry Gloop

Make 4 Litres of

Laundry Gloop

for about


• Cheap

• Easy to make

• Effective

The majority of household cleaning products contain a huge list of toxic chemicals, laundry products are often the worst in health terms as they are in constant contact with your skin. I have been making and using Laundry Gloop for years as I am allergic to all forms of fragrance, it is considerably cheaper than fragrance free detergent and just as effective.

I know Laundry Gloop does not sound very inspiring but this is a tried and tested alternative to laundry liquid or washing powder – to find out more (more…)

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