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A new course and discussion group on growing your own
fruit and veg has started at

Ventnor Community Cafe, 3 Albert St, Ventnor, PO38 1DS
Thursdays from 7pm to 8.30 pm.

This is a great opportunity to share and discover new ideas and tips for the coming season.

Healthy CropsIn the current economic climate many more people are thinking about growing their own fruit and veg as it is so much cheaper and healthier but could do with a bit of help and advice.

How do you get from a load of weeds or bare soil or an empty pot to delicious, healthy crops.

Where do you start?

What to do in the garden now?
Where to seeds and when to sow them?
How do you make good compost?
What sort of fertilizer to use and when?
How to deal with garden pests?
What can you grow in pots?
How do you prune things?



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The next Isle of Wight Permaculture Monthly Meeting meeting is due to be held this Sunday 7th June at 10:30am, slight snag – we don’t have a host for it as yet.

If you would like to host it please let us know ASAP, you don’t have to have held one before, nothing grand is expected. All you need is a garden or a bit of land and preferably a kettle. We can help out around your garden or we can just talk, have a question and answer session or swap seeds and plants etc

We have a host for July but we welcome the chance to pencil in people for future months.

Please get in contact if you would like to host this or a future month or would like to come to our meetings.
Phone: 01983 854968

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Bag Workshop
From the 22nd May

Fabric & Paper
Bag Making

Every Friday
2pm – 4pm
Ventnor Community Cafe

3 Albert St, Ventnor,
Isle Of Wight PO38 1DS

Come along and make yourself a Morsbag – a shopping bag made out of recycled fabric (like the ones in the photo above) to help rid Ventnor of plastic carrier bags. Sheila will show you how to make them, you only have to sew straight lines on the sewing machine – they are very easy to make. (more…)

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Typical allotmentsWith the present economic climate and a huge amount of interest in growing your own vegetables (sales of vegetable seeds were up by 60% last year) and fruit, where to grow them has become an increasing problem for many people who have small or non-existent gardens.  There are a few options available to get yourself some growing space including allotments, Adopt-A-Garden and Landshare.

Photo: Angus Mackie

To find out more – (more…)

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Well liked mature couple John and Yvonne, who quite a few of us know from the community of Ventnor, are looking for a house to share with like-minded people (green living) in the direction of Brightstone or thereabouts. It could be rented or shared and John and Yvonne would welcome any age group but not too rowdy. They are keen to have an open fire and space to grow things and practice drumming. Please contact them on 854346

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Just got back from visiting the ‘Woodwarming – it’s Wonderfuel’ exhibition and very interesting it was too. Exciting news – looks like wood pellets may be made on the Island soon. You can get automated wood pellet stoves and boilers to run your central heating system, it can be programmed just like a gas boiler. There are a couple of new suppliers of Island made compressed sawdust logs, these logs will keep the fire in your woodburner ‘in’ overnight like coal used to do. There are displays of wood burning stoves from Clearview, Charnwood and E.D.D. as well as info about all the government grants available for wood heating. Will write more fully about it later. The exhibition closes at 4pm today. For details see my previous post about it.

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log fireA quick reminder about this event:

‘Woodwarming – it’s Wonderfuel’ exhibition on Friday 28th & Saturday 29th November 10am – 4pm at Newport Football Club, St George’s Way, Newport, Isle of Wight

Getting hot under the collar about energy?
Many people are now switching to an economical, climate-friendly, local fuel: wood. Wood has kept people warm throughout human history – and it is still here today. Now we can burn it efficiently, easily and cleanly using modern boilers and stoves, so you can afford to be warm and still do your bit to tackle climate change. Woodfuel heating systems can also help to meet increasingly stringent building regulations.
Photo: Scotrail


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