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Thinking about Oyster mushrooms

We’re going to have go at growing oyster mushroom this year, so last night we had a roaring fire in the oil drum we collected, to clean it out and make it ready for pasteurising the straw in. Straw is the initial growing medium and I was just reading that straw needs to be pasteurized but not sterilized. I’ll keep you posted as we go. Meantime if anyone has any tips please post them as this is a new thing for us.


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locally made soap

I’ve set a date for the Soap making course at The Community Café, 1  Albert Street , Ventnor. It will run on three Thursday mornings from 10 til 12 and possibly a little after as soap is a little unpredictable.

24th Feb – to discuss soap making, history, safety, equipment, different techniques and types of soap, in preparation for the following sessions. To create soap shapes with colour and fragrance using plain soap.

3rd March – to make soap using a hot process method, i.e. by cooking it. Also to make oaty bath bags.

10th march – to make liquid soap. also to make bath melts or bath bombs.

Please respond if you would like to attend. There are still a few places left. The price is£6 per session and you will be able to take home some soap.

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