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If you are not going to Yarmouth to see the Old Gaffers this weekend there are a couple of garden related things on:

Wight Salad TomatoesWight Salads Open Day
The Main Road, Arreton. Tel: 01983 867022
Sunday 1st June
10.30am – 4pm
£2 for adults, children and pensioners £1 – proceeds to charity.
Guess who is going to officially open it at 11am – clue see picture below.

Wight Salads are one of the UK’s major organic tomato producers, take a tour one of their big greenhouses and see some of the environmentally friendly ways the tomatoes (you can taste and buy them) are grown.



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This was brought to my attention by Wendy and I have copied the following from her very interesting Shanklin Page in case you have not seen it. The links on the names of the different butterflies take you to more information about it on the Butterfly Conservation website.

Male Common Blue ButterfliesButterflies desperately need good weather in the coming months to recover from last year’s summer, the wettest since records began.

Eight butterflies were at an all-time low – the Common Blue, the Grayling, the Lulworth Skipper, the Small Skipper, the Small Tortoiseshell, the Speckled Wood, the Chalkhill Blue and the Wall Brown. The picture above is of Common Blue males taken near King’s Clipstone, Notts by Lynne Kirton


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Pot with shredded bark mulchA mulch is a protective covering for your soil and is of great benefit whatever the weather is like. It helps keep the soil moist by preventing evaporation which means you won’t need to use so much water and your plants won’t get so stressed when it is very hot.

If you are growing in containers it stops your compost being washed out of the top of the pot in torrential rain.

It will keep soil off of your strawberries and salad leaves.

Also if you live in Ventnor and you mulch your garden it will prevent your soil from ending up in a heap at the lowest point in your garden after heavy rain! (more…)

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scytheThe Fourth West Country
Scythe Festival & Competition
and the
South Somerset Green Fair

Sunday, 15 June 2008
10 am till 11 pm.

Thorney Lakes
Muchelney, Nr Langport
in the Somerset Levels

Photo: Pot Noodle


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In Tune with the MoonAccording to the book I am using ‘In Tune with the Moon’ this is what we are supposed to be doing this week. I will try and be organised and post every Sunday what the book suggests for the following week. My review of this book.

If you are planting by the moon for the first time have you had better results than normal or has it not made any difference? Please let us know by leaving comments below.

Sunday 25th May, (from 1am) up to Monday 26th May, (until about noon) sow and cultivate roots – All root veg, beetroot, carrot, celeriac, endive, garlic, Jerusalem artichoke, parsnip, potato, radish, salsify, shallot, turnip, onions.


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Ventbag & The Ventnorian - Big Green Picnic

Don’t forget to visit



The Ventnorian

at the

Big Green Picnic

Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th May 10am – 7pm in the car park next to County Hall

Aldermoor Earthworks will be there with their straw bale barn with solar and wind power info and demonstrations.

Lots of other fun green stuff going on.

Southern Vectis will be offering discounted travel to and from the event. It will only cost £2 for a return journey from anywhere on the Island.

To get your coupon for discounted travel, please either download it from the Big Green Picnic site or cut out the coupon in the Big Green Picnic County Press supplement on 23rd May.


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Tomatoes with tagetesThis is a fascinating subject you would think that you dig your ground, sow you seeds or bung your plants in, water, weed, feed and hey presto lots of lovely fresh veggies to eat – not if you put certain plants near each other.

I am just starting to investigate companion planting myself and am beginning to wish I had not, as there is far more to it than I ever thought that there was. I had no idea that onions and beans hate each other and should never be planted near each other, it is only by pure luck that I have not put them together.


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